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In prerogatives of our Law Firm we consist of senior and young, devoted, hard working, un-shattered, motivated and experienced criminal lawyers, civil lawyers and family lawyers to sustain our claim in the field of legal assistance and help. Under the resume of Law Firm “Best Advocates in Bangalore” we are obliged to explain that our association has explored its performance in Civil Courts, High Court of Karnataka, State Commission and Govt. Authorities in full confidence in the following occupied fields of civil, criminal and other special laws of Family, divorce, Consumer, Co-operative, Banking and Karnataka Land Revenue in Bangalore.

·        We are visiting more than Two hundred cases of our clients in a month.

·        We are independently handling private cases in all the courts of original & appellate side of Civil Court, High Court, State Commission, & Govt. Authorities.

·        We are analytical criminal defense counsel in controversy to the State Cases and to make the law fellow of innocent dynamically rather more than like in conventional practice.

·        And well versed with languages, Kannada, English and Hindi and having local contacts at Bangalore.

·        In remunerations, lawyer fees and other conditions we are hopefully positive, co-operative and responsive with our clients.

A law firm consists of many lawyers. And every advocate is an institution in self. Talking about different fields of lawyers a law firm is combination of them almost in all legal affairs just like a university. It is not only what we are but it is also important from where we belong. In the form of our union Best Advocates in Bangalore we are also forwarding to achieve the target of sharing knowledge of law. As before mentioned in the introductory part we need to make the continuity of our legacy from where our founder ancestor brought us. Now this is upon us to perform our part to make the law more comfortable for our clients, colleagues and learners from the beginning where we end.

Area of consultancy in civil and property law consultation

Basically law is directed into two parts civil and criminal which also differentiate legal practitioners. But it is not true in case of law firm. A law firm consists of land revenue, urban, rent, family corporate, tax, labor, banking and many other law consultants. The main difference between civil and criminal law is the remedy which is provided against violation of these laws. Where overall 80% of law of land secures the rights in civil remedy and by the rest of 20% only heinous acts are controlled by criminal remedy Mr. Bhojegouda T Koller Advocte along with his team members of law firm Best Advocates in Bangalore are well aware of the protection of rights of clients in property corporeal or incorporeal on matters pertaining to civil disputes, property disputes, consumer disputes, co-operative Act, Banking transactions, Karnataka Land Laws, Family Law etc.

Our Mission

Today, in this modern life, for the welfare of humanity a lot of welfare institutions and societies have been established, but in spite of that due to the agitation and materialism people are deliberately dragged into the trap of degradation and humility and they have become used to carry on law breaking activities in their lives and some time commit crimes. People have omitted the struggle to acquire their legal rights under the orbit of law and found the shortcut way of illegality which is poisonously dangerous for our state and society. With an ambition and aim to stop the cruel from their cruelty and to protect the innocent and help the people to get their legal rights Mr. Bhojegouda T Koller Advocate is pleased to organize and establish a social contacted platform by name of Best Advocates in Bangalore.

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The Community of Top Best Lawyers in Bangalore
The Law Firm consists of 5 more Worthy Honorable senior member advocates from Karnataka and District Bar Association of Bangalore protecting the charter of legal help in Bangalore and on the side of criminal advocates in Bangalore Mr. Bhojegouda T Koller Advocate has accompanied with the Legends fertility of the following Top best lawyer community.

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